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 HOMECAREONCALL  OnCall Support Care Services.

ONCALLCARE.® OnCall Services 

Our committed goal at OnCallCare Support Care Service in worldwide, is to provide all types of nursing care or companion care to those who need it most. Our agency is composed of a dedicated staff assigned exclusively to take care of you. Your needs will not be overlooked as can be done in a hospital or care facility where rigid care programs at times lack compassion, patience, and understanding of your unique living and health situations. Make informed decisions regarding your skilled nursing needs, and ensure that you will be given the proper health care support during your time at home.  If you are interested to elect our nursing services.  

Contact OnCall Support at 1-855-525-1000, and speak with our OnCall Support Care Service Evaluator  regarding immediate scheduled care that you need.  You can make an appointment to get your care plan developed upon enrollment of nursing services.  We will assist and assess your situation concerning the service at your request. Thank You for contacting OnCallCare.

NURSEASST Skilled Nursing Medical Care Services

Our committed goals at National Medical Healthcare of Home Care Administration is accessible during all hours of the week, every day to oversee the entire operation while the nurses are monitored on a location upon arrival. 

Skilled Nursing Care Medical Services are rendered in accordance with provisions of the Georgia Registered Professional Nurse Practice Act, O.C.G.A. 43-26-1 and Georgia Practical Nurse Act, O.C.G.A. 43-26-30 when ordered by a physician in a plan of care.  Skilled Nursing can be performed by a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practice Nurse under supervision of a Registered Nurse. 

These types of services can only be provided by a Registered Nurse (RN) or by a Nurse Practitioner (NP).  All other nurse designated titles and status will need supervision by a Registered Nurse they are a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), Home Health Aide (HHA), Direct Care Aide (DCA), a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN),  a Medical Assistant (MA) or a Phlebotomist (PHL). If you had surgery or are recovering from an illness and need medical attention, then you may require skilled nursing services. Services include routine monitoring for serious illnesses or unstable health.

These services typically include:

  • Treatment and Injections, w/Ostomic Care
  • Maternity Care, Veteran Care, HomeBound Patient Care 
  • Alzhiemer Care, Dementia Care, 
  • Post Op, Traumatic Care, and Anti-Coagulation Therapy
  • Geriatric Nursing, Medication Reconciliation & Administration 
  • Diabetes Management Care, Respiratory Care. 
  • Chronic and Acute Disease Management Care, 
    Diabetes, cardiovascular (Heart Failure) Respiratory (COPD and emphysema) Oncology, Renal Failure, Neurological Disabilities (MS and Parkinson's Disease)
  •  Ventilator Care, Tube Feeding
  • Sports Injury Care, Wound Care, Vac/Mgmt.,  Surgical Aftercare
  • Anti-coagulation Therapy & Intravenous Therapy
  • Seizure Care, Cognitive Impairments, Medically Fragile Care
  • Incontinence Management and Catheter Care
  • Pain and Symptom Management

Nurse Smiling



Temperature Measurement Includes:

Oral 98.2, Rectal 99.7, Tympanic 99.7, Axillary 97.6, Vaginal 99.7, Skin of the Forehead, In the Gut by Swallowing a small thermometer, over Temporal Artery.

Normal Pulse Rate:

Newborn: 120 - 160 beats per minute 
1 month - 12 months:  80 - 140 beats per minute
1 - 2 year of age: 80 - 130 beats per minute
2 - 6 years of age: 75 - 120 beats per minute 
6 - 12 years of age: 75 - 110 beats per minute
13 years and older: 60 - 100 beats per minute
Adult athletes:  40 - 60 beats per minute

Respiration Rate Levels 

up to 1 yr of age:  30 - 40 breaths per minute
1 -3 Years of age:  23 - 35 breaths per minute
3 - 6 years of age:  20 - 30 breaths per minute
6 - 12 years of age:  18 - 26 breaths per minute
12 - 17 years of age: 12 - 20 breaths per minute
18 years and over: 16 - 20 breaths per minute

Every 39 seconds, a person dies, from a heart attack, stroke or other vascular disease. 

Systolic pressure: The amount of pressure your heart generates when pumping blood through your arteries to the rest of your body.  

Diastolic pressure: The amount of pressure in your arteries when your heart is at rest between beats. 

NURSEASST  Private Care Management Nursing Services 

All private duty nursing services fall under this category, which can include light companion care. Have our Certified Nurses (CNA) or Certified Clinical Medical Assistants (CCMA) can accompany you to doctor's appointments so you can understand your options and make decisions about your care. If you are a senior citizen, an adult with mobility issues, or a convalescing individual, then inquire about this type of care.

It includes the following housekeeping tasks as well as personal care assistance:

• Transport and Escort Services
• Meal Preparation and Eating
• Household Tasks (for Cleanliness and Safety)
• Bathing, Incontinence, and Shaving
• Dental Care
• Grooming and Dressing
• Proper Nutrition Meal Preparation 
• Home Management
• Ambulation and Transfer

Medically Related Activities (Taking Vital Signs) Temperature: 97.8 - 99.1 F, Adult Temperature: 98.6 F orally Axillary Temperature: 0.5 F to 1 F, lower than orally, Rectal Temperature: 0.5 F to 1 F, Blood pressure: 120/80 mm/Hg, High Blood pressure: 140/90 mm/Hg, Low Blood Pressure:  90/60 mm/Hg, Respiratory Rate: 16-20 respiration's per minute, Heart Rate (pulse): 60 - 100 beats per minute and much, much more. 

HOMEASST.®  Personal Care Services

Personal Care is very important offered to any one of all ages.  As the aging population continues to increase, so does the need for qualified care. Our private duty home aides and Certified Nurse Aides (CNA) Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) Direct Care Aides (DCA)s are all qualified caregivers in working under the supervision of a registered nurse.

HOMEASST.®  offers  assistive care for the elderly and home-bound clients with daily living activities, such as:

Getting In & Out of Bed
• Bathing and Showering
• Grooming and Dressing
• Providing Light Meals and Housekeeping
• Medication Reminders
• Range of Motion Exercises
• Assisting With Incontinence Care and Toiling
• Emptying Catheter Bags
• Assisting w/Ambulation and Transfer
• Socializing With Others
Physician Attending an Elderly Woman

HEALTHASST.®  Sitter Services 

National Medical Healthcare of Home Care Association, NMHHA.® most delicate needs for all types of sitter services available. Precautions and other measures of care taken in regards to the position of the care sitting needed.  An assessment would have to be completed with a site visit to location.  To Quality for the sitter services, there has to be a completed Biographical Profile completed before services can be delivered.  The sitting care industry can be dangerous to certain sitters.    If there is anything we should in advance please feel free to inform us ahead of time during the assessment.  We are loyal to care of each client and considers their care important and we understand emotions can play a major part.  So, we strive to do our best.  Thank You.

SitterCare Services

There are different Sitter Services Available for your convenience they are: 

•Home Sitter
• Patient Sitter
• Critical Care Sitter
• Respiratory Health Sitter
• Grief Support Sitter
• Socialization Sitter
• Critical Sitting
• Pet Sitter
• Respite Care Sitter
• Diverse Disability Sitter

HOMEASST.® Companion Care Services.

OnCallCare.® understands most healthcare situations... your world changes as you age and emotions can lead you to living an unhealthy lifestyle feeling all alone. Depression can sit in and cause a person to lose out on the life he or she is to live and enjoy. delicate needs for all types of sitter services available.  Service aides are trained in the proper mentorship of communication and understanding your feelings, emotions, and lifestyle.  First priority is to bring daily encouragement and comfort in the home. Living independent is a sense of free feelings that we take pleasure in servicing your very important needs. OnCallCare. strives to be the very best in home care you can rely on. Thank You.

Companion HomeAsst. Care Services are Available for your Home care on call convenience they are all included: 

Friendly Conversations
• Grocery Shopping, Errands
• Confidential Bill Paying, Trust Banking
• Mail Organizing, Dry Cleaning
• Three Nutritional Diets Plans
• Recreational Entertainment
• Movies, & Restaurants Outings.
• Mall Shopping, Events, Plays
• Light House Cleaning
• Home Deliveries, Computer, Emails
• Laundry, Lines, Transportation





Companion Care Services


HOMEASST.® Therapy Care Improve Physical Mobility with Specialized Therapies

If you are home recovering from surgery and need help handling pain management or regaining physical mobility, let the professionals at OnCallCare. in Atlanta, Georgia. guide you. Our experts are trained in speech, physical, and occupational therapies. These services are provided by therapists and certified nurses.

Woman Doing Signs

HOMEASST.® Therapy Care Speech Language Pathology Services

Speech Language Pathologists Improve speech disorders and language disorders at home with a custom plan designed by our professionals. The main components of speech production include: phonation, the process of sound sound resonance, opening and closing of the vocal folds intonation, the variation of pitch and voice, including aeromechanical components of respiration. This will include treatments and other exercises outlined specifically for your needs.

The Speech Therapy program may include:

Voice, Speech and Language Disorders
• Dysphagia (Swallowing Discomfort)
• Adaptive Speech Devices
• Cognition and Aural (Hearing) Rehabilitation
• Non-Oral Communication
• Home Speech and Language Exercise Program
• Treatment of Aphasia
• Communication Options and Alternatives
• Eating and Swallowing Disorders
• Speech Articulation Exercises
Speech Therapy

HOMEASST.® Therapy Care Physical Therapy Services

 Physical Therapy Care will assist your needs in physical therapy at home, The physical therapist regarding treatment helping you to regain strength, balance, coordination and movement when you experience arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, neurological impairment, general weakness in upper body or is following a heart attack, surgery, broken bones, hip & joint replacements, shoulder injury or other hospitalization.  A decline in body functions, will be specific to your health diagnosis.  our medical professionals can customize a program that will include your needs as well as incorporate education for you. We offer a large range of services; Therapeutic exercises can achieve enhanced gait performance, range of motion, prosthetic training, spasticity reduction or muscle strengthening and endurance keeping muscle, muscle mass, and regaining mobility.  

Physical Therapy services may include:

Pain Management
• Post-Surgery Care
• Pre-Surgery Care
• Education and Training With
  Assistive Devices

• Ambulation & Transfer Techniques
• Body Mechanics
• Exercise & Therapeutic Programs
• Ultrasound
• Maintain Muscle Tone
• Maneuvering safely with assistive devices

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapist carefully analysis of the physical, environmental, psychosocial, mental spiritual, political and cultural factors to identify barriers to occupation or daily activity.  Occupational Therapy as a profession by promoting health and well being through occupation. Occupational Therapy primary goal is to enable people to participate in everyday independent activities.  Regain your motor skills and functions through rehabilitative exercises. Occupational therapy also includes helping you build up your strength to accomplish everyday tasks.

Our Occupational Therapy assistance include:

• Restore Physical Mobility, Balance, and Muscle Control
• Receive a Health Assessment
• Understand Your Body Mechanics
• Receive a Basic Skills Evaluation, Education, and Training
• Receive a Basic Level Skills Education and Training
• Device Assistance Training
• Exercise and Therapeutic Programs
• Strength Enhancement and Pain Management
• Balance Restoration of Physical and Sensory Integrative Functions
• Energy Conservation and Management

HOMEASST Specialized Therapy Services®

Occupational Therapy

Therapy Care Rehabilitation Programs offers a full range of specialized therapy services. HomeAsst. focuses on state-of-the-art therapy process at home. Following suffering a stroke or lost your strength because of an illness or injury. Specialized Therapy experts can help you regain your motor skills, strength, and mobility functions through helping you to become stronger and accomplish everyday tasks.

Occupational Therapy

Our Specialized Therapy services include Short to Long-Term Care helping you to:

  • Alzheimer's Care
  • Behavorial Health
  • Cardiac Care Therapy, Chiropractor,
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Endocrine
  • Hematology
  • Infusion Therapy
  • Low Vision Rehabilitation, Lymphedema Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Nephrology, Neurology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Oncology
  • Orthopedics
  • Physical Therapy
  • Podiatry
  • Point of care (PT/INR)


NUTRIASST.® Nutrition Care and Diet Health Intake Assessment

Certified Health Coaches are accredited by; The National Consortium for the Credentialing of health and Wellness Coaches. Our goal for each client is to develop nutritional building blocks through daily meals preparation.  Any form of unbalanced nutrition and diet intake can result in severe dehydration, deficiency health problems, immune sickness, obesity, malnutrition, food poisoning and food Insecurity.  Your nutritional care requires a certain amount of nurturing calories for those dealing with all types of health issues while, taking medications or vitamins. The Assessment initiation of nutrition is prepared in a timely manner for identifying clients having nutritional risk and complications after arriving home.  We conduct an evaluation of a client's nutritional status (nutrient stores) based on your current physical examination or health issue. Laboratory data  and food intake information.  

Long-Term Illness of one in six Americans are sick from food poisoning every year.  That is about 48 million people.  Most of them will recover from lasting effects due to their illness.  However others will have devastating and will die from being food poisoned.  The most Primary Medical Agency can provide is some serious effects associated with several common types of food poisoning.  1. Kidney failure - Hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS) it destroys red blood cells, causing kidney injury HUS occurs after infection with some kinds of E.coli bacteria.  HUS is most common in children, and is one of the main causes of acute kidney failure in children.  2. Brain and nerve damage - Listeria leads to meningitis, an inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain.  Newborns are most infected with Listeria, long-term consequences include mental retardation, seizures, blindness, or deafness.  Guillain -Barre Syndrome is a disorder affecting the nervous system. Occurs from persons immune system attacks the body own nervous system.  Resulting in paralysis lasting several weeks usually requiring intensive care.  Guillain - Barre Syndrome also it may be triggered by the Campylobacter infection.  3.  Death that is 3,000 people die each year of illnesses from food poisoning. Five types of organisms are: Salmonella, Toxoplasma, Listeria, Norovirus, and Campylobacter, is accounted for 88 percent of all deaths. Other types of food-borne illness causing death are Vibrio infection (from eating raw shellfish or a wound exposed to warm seawater) it infect the bloodstream causing severe life-threatening illness. Half are fatal and death occurs in two days.   A Certified Health Coaches write out meals plans for you.  It will serve toward your over health stabilization for a successful outcome. 

Many members of the health-care team are involved in a comprehensive nutritional assessment, including the physician, dietitian, nurse, social worker, and laboratory staff.  At nutrition and diet health Intake assessments rest assure we work in conjunction with all health related recovery measures to ensure the best outcome.

Family and Community Nutrition Program

Breakfast, Lunch, Salad, Dinner and Fruit Desert. Please! At , If you need to eat properly for your health to recover our health coach professionals can customize a nutritional program that will include your needs as well as incorporate education for you and your caregiver. Offering a large range of health symptoms nutritional and diet food planning ; however, including only what will suit your individual nutrition and diet intake needs.

The nutrition services  may include:

Nutrition in Human Health
• Carbohydrates
• Fats
• Protein
• Energy Balance
• Vitamins
• Minerals
• Water
• Digestion, Absorption
• Metabolism, and Excretion
Elder Couple


Clinical Nutrition Program

Quality interventions to improve your health, disease and disorders at home with a custom food intake plan designed by our paraprofessionals. This will include nutritional treatments and other exercises directed to specifically fit  your demanding daily diet intake needs.

The clinical nutrition program may include:
• Pregnancy and Lactation

• Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence 
• Nutrient Daily Delivery 
• Weight Management 
• Diet in Diabetes Mellitus and Hypoglycemia
• Diet in Cardiovascular Disease
• Diet in Renal Diseases
• Diet in Digestive Diseases
• Diet and Cancer
• Diet in HIV and AIDS
• Nutrition in Critical Care
• Nutritional Care of the Terminally Ill
• Food and Nutrients Verses Medications and Supplements

Medication Services

DRUGMEDS  Medi-Care Medication Management Services

DrugMeds.® understands the level of comfort you deserve to feel confidence and at ease.  Medications can come in one or more forms: pills or capsules, liquids, patches, medicated creams, inhalers, injectable solutions, chewable or dissolving agents, suppositories, ointments, eye drops, or ear drops. Notice your medication side effects, it can include nausea, vomiting, confusion, or dizziness.  Call your doctor if you notice any health roblems improving or worsenting. Check the medication expiration date.  Medications are not safe to consume after the use by date.  Keep an up-to-date list. Bring list to doctor or hospital. No one else should be taking your medications. Keep all meds in a safe place away from children. Brand-name original formula, Generic-name a copy formulation. Medication Reconciliation is a way to check all over the counter and prescription medications and the usage/dosage are correct. Medications change often because new diagnosis (condition) such as going from hospital to a nursing home.  

Different color balls

DRUGMEDS.®  Common medication problems occur often we manage every thing as to teaching you about your medication and how to properly store and administer the medication this may include:

Enteral Administration
• Herbal Administration
• IV Infusion Therapy Administration
• Medication Reconciliation 

• Oral Medication Administration
• Over-the-Counter Administration
• Parenteral Administration
• Prescription / Mail order Administration
• Subcutaneous Administration
• Topical Administration
• Tube Feeding Administration

DRUGASST.®  Common Codes Used in Prescriptions: 
• Sig- Write means the doctor is telling the pharmacist what to prepare and how to label the container. 
• Bid- Take meds 2x a day

• Tid- Take meds 3x a day
• Qid- Take meds 4x a day
• Q3H- Take meds every 3 hrs
• Qd- Take meds every day
• Prn-  Take meds as needed
• Po- Take meds by mouth