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CARESUPPORTASST        Support Services On-Call.  

 Step One! Your Comfort is Our First Priority.

Primary Medical Agency step one is the initial contact with the agency, having outpatient surgery or a discharged patient from post-maternity delivery to being home bound with a small injury, accident or illness in pain or disabled, makes the simplest tasks seem almost unbearable. We understand that your level of happiness can only aid in a healthy recovery. That's why the 1NHC team at Primary Medical Agency medical paraprofessionals will provide assistance and supervise treatment where you are most comfortable. Our 1NHC skilled nursing care team, and 1NHC personal care team is ready to provide comfort in your home through our dispatch service operators.

Primary Medical Agency creates and sustain high quality care services by supporting each individual of all ages to live as independently as possible in the comfort of their own homes. The personalized services will meet your situation respectfully, efficiently, and compassionately, as well as foster independence, preserve dignity and improve your quality of life.

Step Two! HealthAsst Care Scheduling Request Form.

Primary Medical Agency services offer flexible customized care for each clients delicate decision toward a successful outcome. Whether you live alone, are elderly, is an outpatient whom just had surgery, or have trouble getting around or home needs repair and maintenance. Our services are available to you. We ensure our clients and their caregiver representatives have access to the most up-to-date information that will enable them to make informed decisions about their care through detailed assessments from our agency home care service evaluators and help them with getting immediate care assistance.

Our licensed and trained staff members, nurses, medical paraprofessionals and servicemen are on-call 24 hours a day, offering several types of Home care services, including:


Step Three! CARESUPPORTASST. ®       Home Service and Care Planning Assessment.

Once everything is arranged, it is time to begin the care and support you need. Our Service Assessment are based on your Care Plan Development and Plan of Care (POC) for initial enrollment with the Agency. Our service care process planning ensures, that if you require any changes, we are always ready to speak with you and adjust your care plan. We generally want to make sure to cover everything in one visit for your free assessment. Primary Medical Agency offers Health HomeCare assessments and they are detailed for your convenience and comfort that is our First Priority of Service with us.

Step Four! CARESUPPORTASST.®        Support On-Call Medical Forms for Daily Use.

Physician Referrals

Primary Medical Agency makes every effort toward honest home care by promoting good business ethics. Physicians are welcome to send us referrals free of charge. As a general form toward the utmost client care plan development. It is a great idea up front to let us know if you have a current physician whom has directed care for home care service. Your health and home care development assessment will depend on any physician orders, that our staff may use in connection to building your client care plan development profile. We do not participate in compensation for insidious activities to get referrals from physicians.

We are fully aware of the Anti-Kickback Statute and Violations laws. Primary Medical Agency provide an honest group of medical professionals in compliance with all State laws. We do appreciate your professional knowledge and rest assure your patient is in good hands. We will provide a detailed home report and keep you (Physician) and the nursing staff well informed of the patient progress.

Payment Claims

Primary Medical Agency understands the needs of assertive care at times. That's why when concerning private payers, we are here to offer payment claim forms for areas of reimbursements, tax forms and other insurance forms that your insurance will accept. We are here to figure out those care obligations to ease your mind. We want to focus more on your care. To make this as simple as possible an evaluation cost for care calculator is used. How much does home care cost? Let's have a look at the services. Primary Medical Agency works directly with most Geriatric Care Mangers and managed care in insurance offered throughout Georgia. We work toward Care Planning & Management Costs.

Daily, Weekly, & Yearly Cost Reference TablesThese are cost related examples with a difference of each state region for care services:

  • Private Duty Home Care: $17.50 per hour
  • Home Health Care: $17.50 per hour
  • Adult Day Care: $65.00 a day
  • Assisted Living: $3,253.00 a month
  • Nursing Homes: $215.00 a day 
  • Retirement Care Communities: Based on Client Care Service

Primary Medical Agency offers an understanding rate for your care needs at home. We accept Private Pay, Medicare, Medicaid, Private Health Insurance, Charitable Care, Veterans, and Short-Term to Long-Term Care Insurance. 

Client Survey

At Primary Medical Agency Agency we want to know how you were treated during your level of care or level of service. We want to know your honest feedback which is vital to the quality of your home or care improvement. The Agency provides immediate attention to work out any solutions in relations toward all services of treatment provided. An evaluation of in the survey are on nurses, caregivers, servicemen and dispatch operators. It's a complement for us to know that you feel close enough in relations toward our level of service to always share honest opinion as we strive to do our very best. Please use the Client Survey Form to let us know how we are doing? Thank you.

Refer a Patient

Primary Medical Agency, welcomes new patient referrals in needing home care services. All treatment protocol and type of care forms will be in use for confidential purposes. We will provide comfortable home care services to each patient referred to us. Thank you for your patience in our service.

The referral letter should include the patient:

  • Name and date of birth,
  • Health and care number,
  • Reason for referral,
  • Relevant medical history, including medication;
  • Diagnosis and treatment, weight, height, body mass index, and weight loss 
  • Patient care goal details

Healthy HomeCare Evaluation & Overview Assessments are: 

  • A Healthy Care Plan and History Intake Evaluation
  • A Diet and Nutrition Meal Food Plan Evaluation
  • A Home Repair Maintenance and Housekeeping Evaluation
  • A Lab Testing and IV Therapy Evaluation

Once these evaluations are completed. The Agency will provide immediate concierge for scheduling of service delivery. 

File A Complaint

Primary Medical Agency Administrators with careful regards, considers serious action in all complaints addressed in a timely matter the moment any filing reaches the compliance officer. Discontinuation of all services are held in effect immediately until, a resolution has been agreed upon and taken in full remission concerning that no more complaints are filed. Primary Medical Agency hold a level confidential correspondence within 24 hours after the complaint filed to immediately resolve all issues. We welcome your feedback and complaints any time during service in the home.

Associations & Memberships

American Veterans Care Connection
• Georgia Crime Information Center
• National Healthcare of Professional Providers Association
Community Care Services Program

Agency Approved by

• Homecare University
Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare

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Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below.

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