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 HEALTHASST.™ represents all Medical, Preventive, and Alternative Health Field Providers through, Association Credentialing, Accredited Verification, Advanced Education 
 Career Services & Professional Recognition.

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Let us ensure you get the certifications you need to enjoy a lucrative, helpful career in medicine.

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Count on our professionals to make continuing education and certification management as simple as possible.

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 NHPPA. tracks the medical field industry through career advancements for new higly ranked certification. 

Re-education, and professional medical resources.

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Welcome to the National Healthcare of Professional Providers Association, "NHPPA™, Inc."   HEALTHASST.™ is an assistance on-call  worldwide network, and  membership-based medical association in the Atlanta, Georgia area, catering to students, medical professionals, employers, medical facilities, educational institutions, certification boards, and continuing education providers. Our goal is to help minimize the unfairness in the medical field, which currently gives preferential treatment to people based on the school they attend. We offer professional assistance by offering a top medical field portfolio pertaining to careers, study aids, and medical internships and externships.

Our HEALTHASST.™  Assistance On-Call Mission is representing healthcare providers with official credentialing, accredited approved verification, advanced education, medical services, and professional recognition.

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Welcome to HEALTHASST.™ the National Healthcare of
Professional Providers Association, NHPPA.®

Are You Interested in the Medical Field Industry?

Welcome to the National Healthcare of Professional Providers Association ®, NHPPA™, Inc. We are a worldwide, membership-based association catering to students, medical professionals, employers, medical facilities, educational institutions, certification boards, and continuing education providers.

The NHPPA, Inc. offers students’ assistance by creating a portfolio pertaining to medical career achievements and internship or externship opportunities. Our nonprofit department offers assistance towards academic or loan dispute representation, as well as medical career study kits and professional training resources.

We also assist with refresher courses and continuing education unit courses for structuring re-certification before the expiry date. NHPPA, Inc. advises against losing any medical professional certification due to license or national certification expiration.

The NHPPA, Inc. strongly advises all medical students and professionals in the healthcare industry to be mindful of the 2013 strict HIPPA ACTS. Patient Health Information (PHI) is not to be taken for granted. The NHPPA warns every medical professional against taking pictures of patients or sharing patient medical information with coworkers not related to the course of treatment and to avoid exposure of patient file information. Any of these disregarded rules will result in permanent revocation of all medical field licenses and accreditations. As well as medical identity thieft and stealing drugs from patients.  

HEALTHASST.™  Member Benefits Advantages....

NHPPA, Inc. offers medical professional top medical field Pro/Image™ portfolios pertaining to medical careers, continuing education study aid materials for better achievement, and medical career externships and internships placement assistance. Our affiliation departments offers Physician world wide healthcare expo and medical traditional and traditional events.

• Take advantage of practice-building opportunities
• Get Continuing Education Credits
• Network with like-minded practitioners, globally
• Improve Provider health and build better
patient relationships
• Expand your capability to address many
medical students issues
• Advance your medical skills.

We are very innovative and structured in maintaining the highest and most professional representations available. We are here for professional providers, practitioners and medical students. We also help in maintaining proper career knowledge and development about every single medical career including hands on. We offer positions to learn, explore and advance.  All providers are provided with service resources pertaining to their medical credentials and continuing education credits.