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 HEALTHASST.® represents all Medical, Preventive, and Alternative Healthcare Field Providers through, Association Credentialing, Accredited Verification, Advanced Education 
 Career Services & Professional Recognition.

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 NHPPA tracks the medical field industry through career advancements for new higly ranked certification. 

Re-education, and professional medical resources.

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Welcome to HEALTHASSTAssistance On-Call

The National HEALTHASST , "NHPPA, Inc.®"   HealthAsst. is an assistance on-call  worldwide network, and  membership-based medical consulting service available in the Atlanta, Georgia area growing daily on a national level within the U.S., HealthAsst. Assistance On-Call makes it easy to request for health related inquires from the public looking for additional information or support care management at home or within their daily lives.   HealthAsst. welcomes all site viewers, to students, medical, preventive, healthcoaches, practitioners, technicians, medical assistants, nurses, specialists, and alternative health professionals, employers, hospitals, labortories, medical and nursing facilities, educational and medical institutions, certification boards, and continuing education providers.  HealthAsst. goal is to help minimize the unfairnes of health assistance in the medical field, currently through, support care management, and preferential treatment planning to people based on their related health inquires of pre-existing or suffers with symptomatic medical conditions to establish the root cause creating healthy living changes. We offer professional assistance on call by email.  Members can call during business hours and after care hours for immediate assistance on call for care support or a top medical field portfolio pertaining to careers, study aids, and medical internships and externships career placements.

 HealthAsstAssistance On-Call is represented by the National Healthcare of Professional Providers Association. NHPPA.® Healthcare providers with official credentialing, accredited approved verification, advanced education, all healthcare, preventive care, healthcoaching, medical service types, with verified and professional recognition. HealthAsst. is available for professional service affiliations, referrals, career placement, treatment and therapies varified within the healthcare industry, including homecare and pallative care industries. Thank you for visting.... HealthAsst.® Assistance On-Call.  

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